'1. Vertical log band sawmill with carriage – MEBOR VTZ 1400 PLUS

Basic characteristics:
  • Diameter of wheels: 1400 mm / 1600 mm
  • Possibility of cutting in one or both directions (single or double cut
  • HEAVY DUTY strong and robust construction with subframe (no special concrete foundations are neede
  • Easy-open pneumatic door for blade changes
  • Electronic blade alignment – ensures optimal position of the blade and extends blade life
  • Tilted headrig at an angle of 17°
  • Maximum return speed of the carriage: up to 240 m/min
  •  REGENERATION OF ENERGY – excess energy is automatically transferred to other drives in the system
  • INDEPENDENT POSITIONING OF EACH HEADBLOCK resulting in higher recovery rate and precision
Exhibitor name: MEBOR D.O.O.
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