454129, Russia, CHELYABINSK, Mashinostoiteley st, 21,
Phone number
+7 (351) 2557625; +7 (351) 2590267
About company
"KERAMAKS" is the leader in production of ceramic fluxes in Russia. Technologies of the enterprise allow to make the wide product range covering more than 90% of all segments of the welding agglomerated fluxes in the world. Capacities of production are 14,000 tons per year. The quality management system of "KERAMAKS" is confirmed with the certificate of conformity of ГОСТ P ISO 9001-2015. Production of 7 brands of ceramic fluxe certified in NAKS is at the moment developed. "KERAMAKS" provides to the clients consulting support at all stages of purchase of fluxe: beginning from a stage of selection of fluxe, and finishing with test stages of pilot batches and selection of the optimum modes of welding.